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Originally Posted by nynik View Post
The new systems (personal reputation at least) are being balanced around the average player's weekly play sessions. Just 3 hours a week.
And it will take how many years to get to tier5 with new gear ?

If you find yourself unable to play (or desire to play) for more than three hours a week, then I'd agree your concerns are valid OP (for other character play).


Suggestion #1: If you don't enjoy the content, don't run it?

I don't however the content I do enjoy is being nerfed I'n
The rewards, you seem to have answers why is cryptic
Nerfing the content most enjoy running while increasing rewards
On crap content hardly anyone plays ?

Suggestion #2: If you want the rewards, go earn them?

I wear elite Maco do you ?

... and last I saw, they were expanding the avenues to earn the materials needed to non-stf content, where appropriate. Certainly sounds like they are doing their best to allow people to best tailor their play time around the content they prefer (within the context of it being borg, or romulan).
Existing non STF content is poor currently that's why hardly
Anyone does it
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