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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
Markhawkman: I've allready pointed out how usless the Doff system is without a good roster. i've allready pointed out the limitations in how many doffs you can convert through the embassy's, i've allready pointed out the isues with failure and disaster chances on the chains leading upto them and with the poor quality rewards you'll see even once you complete them if your white doffs are not ideal.

To suggest that you can convert doffs as quickly as you can aquirre them from the academy missions, even without general recruitment is false. To Suggest that you can quickly or easily aquire acess to the alternate methods on a new character or for a new player is false. o suggest there is anything of any worth in the doff system beyond the contraband/colonist turn in's without a good doff roster is false.

The fact is for a new player with average playtime avalibiltity with only the outputs of the academy missions for doff sourcing it WILL be a multi-month grind to get all the various chains done, and another multi month grind, (or worrse), to actually get a roster capble of giving decent rewards.

I can tell you right now, most players will just go. "why bother". No player is willingly going to spend a half a year or more grinding away at the doff system, just to get somthing useful out of it. Especially given the rewards are at best equivelent to a single daily. Oh, wow. They're just not going to bother with it.

Thats the issue here. It might seem ok to you that it takes an age to get a decent roster. But your forgeting that most people are going to look at the rewards vs cost first. Right now your looking at a system that eitheir costs stupid amounts of dil, stupid amounts of EC, or stupid amlounts of time to even begin getting decent rewards out of it. Given there's so many other things they coudl be doing, all of wich give at least sme immiddiette benefit, they're not going to bother wit a system they have to invest in on a massive scale to get anything out of.
LOL! if you think that's all doffing is good for you suck at it.

My doffs manufacture a wide variety of equipment items for me. They also acquire an array of various commodities for me. you can also get fleet marks if you know what you're doing. (and I do those regularly)

Beleive it or not, you aren't the average doffer. You have very specific goals in doffing, mainly the acquisition of dilithium.

Officer exchanges work quite nicely as long as you use a white or green with at least 1 + trait. you can even use greens bought from Ferra! It's a bit expense but it works nicely.

You seem to be expecting low level players to compact to get decent rosters, yeah right... Players with only 15 doffs are unlikely to feel the need to compact them. You can't do much with only 15 doffs, but you can't do much of anything with less than that.

Like I've said before.... it's an MMO they don't do instant gratification, at least not for free. If you want instant gratification, pay for it! :p Getting a good doff roster is like leveling a character from 1 to 50. If you can do it quickly there's no sense of accomplishment. And more to the point, the game has little interest if you can easily get everything you want.

But I have to agree with Overlord on wanting to know why the devs changed it.

I can haz joystick!
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