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Off the bat, I have some canonical concerns regarding some of the worlds in the sector.

A couple of the Klingon Worlds were canonically mentioned on DS9 being in the Mempa Sector.

Khitomer: Why is Khitomer on the Federation side of the Border????

It was Klingon until the Romulans attacked in the Mid 24th Century, and in the Path of 2409, it was said to be retaken by the Klingon Empire. But I don't understand why it's on the Federation-side of the Border.

Japori: Beautiful Scenery. Patrol Mission is boring (5 waves of Nausciaan Ships).

Visual glitch with the Nebula. (If that is the Azure Nebula, it's in the wrong side of the map).

Construction Yard says its an Orbital Facility, where is the planet?

Suggest moving one of the Satellites to be equidistant from the comm array so it seems like it was laziliy put. Or once the planet is added, put it in strategic locations like Lagrange points.

Also, if you fail at the satellite, there needs to be a note telling you to head back to the station to get replacement parts.
Acamar: Nebula really going nuts.

Like its a Binary Star system as per canon and real life. But they should be both White (I know the Star Charts has one Orange, but in the real world and even mentioned in Memory Alpha they are both Class-A (White).

The Planet, eh feels canon and not canon. To me, the continents just stand out too much. (But thats me talking).

Mission Bug associated with this planet. Repeatable in Daily. Bug Reported.

Carraya: Looks good, but isn't Carraya supposed to be in the Carraya Sector, as per canon??

Starbase 234: First thing: I swear I ran into a new music Track that was really awesome! But when zoning back it was gone and replaced with the boring Cardassian Sector Music.

Fighting the Starbase, not sure if this was meant to be defeated or not. While quickly finishing off the Starships, I barely put a dent even when hitting the Starbase with no shields with High Yield Tricobalts. Would like to know if it is defeatable and there is a bonus for defeating it within the time limit.

Nequencia Alpha: Fun New Mission, that I hope can be expanded on in the future.

But I have to ask, why is this world in the middle of Romulan Space? (I know the Star Charts show it, but in TNG it was shown to be on the border. Don't recall any Romulan advance into Federation Territory since that time period.

Galorndon Core: Like how you added the Gekli hurding, but it's disappointing it says "avoid" and given they are stuck on that path, they end up getting attacked no matter what. Which seems rather disappointing. Would've seemed fit if you had free reign hurding like in the Fleet Action and actually avoided the Hirogen.

Also, in canon, this world supposed to be .5 Light Years from the Romulan Neutral Zone. So why is it very deep in Romulan Space??

Narendara III: Hey Look, it's the Enterprise........doing absolutely nothing as I do all the work.

Why is this Klingon World in the Middle of Romulan Space?

Where are the heavy cloud belts shown on Enterprise?

And why is the world showing massive population (lights at night) when the world was sparsely populated?

Archer IV: Very Boring Patrol Mission. And for a Federation World, why is it in Klingon Space?

I know the Star Charts have it around this area, but don't forget that the Map came out BEFORE Enterprise. And Enterprise had it established as 61 Ursae Majoris, a star 31 Light Years from Earth. So it should be in the Regulus Sector.

Pheben: Nice return of the hull-eating bacteria. But the ships were mislabeled with Federation Ship names.

Gamma Eridon: At First I thought it was just another boring Mission, killing Gorn. Then I got a new accolade for killing them. So maybe not so worthless. Though wish there was another way to do these patrols.

However, this world is supposed to be in Klingon Territory along the Klingon-Romulan Border, not within Romulan Space.

Beta Lankal: See you adopted something from the Destiny Novels. Future Plot?

At first I thought it was another boring shoot-em up mission, but you can just walk up and scan, then run. So its a nice change of pace.

Beta Thoridar: Glitchy Nebula Backdrop.

And Finally New Romulus: Bothers me personally they move their new home right on the border with the Klingons given their history. So I can hope you can emphasize their cooperation more. Because Romulans and Klingons sure have long memories and easily don't forget.

And I like the auroras, though the color scheme looks off because of so many of them. Also, the Nebula has a bright center that needs fixed.

Tau Dewa Normal Deep Space Encounter:

A couple of the DSEs were completely empty. The one closest to Acamar had them.

No Accolades associated with the Sector or the Flagship (intentional?).

Tholian ships in the DSE was spamming (literally) the Tholian Web and their disables was far too frequently for a solo player. Suggest adding a temporary counter proc so it cant be done one after another. Currently you literally need at least 2 Engineering Teams the way they disable.

Also, the Flagship was TOUGH! With just me (in a Regent), it was shrugging off damage. With an Odyssey helping me, after 5 minutes we got it down to 80%. It wasn't til 2 Escorts zoned in that we defeated it.

BTW, need that DSE clock back so we know when the zone resets.

In Sector Space, mix up the DSE locations, some high, some low than all at high altitudes.

Other Sectors:

Old Uncanonical Azura Confirmed removed from Omega Leonis and Nebula renamed Yan.

Hiromi Cluster now a Free Floating Sector. However the Brightnesss needs toned down . Also was unable to enter the Cluster as a Federation player.

Think we get Starbase 24 moved to these sectors as per canon? Surely you could rename the "Starbase 24" with another Starbase.

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