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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
The new daily mission is some kind of lame joke.

60 Romulan Marks for like 5 or 6 daily missions that each have the length of Eta Eridani dailies (which reward 480 dilithium EACH, let me remind you)?

The missions themselves are ok, I guess, but with so small rewards I don't see myself doing them more than once. I don't even want to do them at all if they're only going to reward marks and nothing else.

All this talk about Season 7 being one giant grind are not exaggerated. Waste of time. And people with several chars are going to suffer the most due to this.

Also, many sectors in Tau Dewa suffer from the same old texture flicker bug that I've been reporting for nearly a year now -

Oh don't get me wrong - I'm all for the new dailes, missions, zones and stuff. My point is, I as a player like to be rewarded for my time spent. And I'm not. Marks can be gained in other, more effective ways and in the end they mean nothing without dilithium.

um really your complaining about the rewards and a possible flicker that only some and you have reported I have no flicker and I have my setting maxed that being said the rewards are just fine because it will set me up for a weeks worth of projects that I can spend working on my other 18 toons doing the same thing by the time I am done with them I can start again from the begining had the rewards been smaller then I would see a reason to complain about the daily but since both the sector daily and the red alert daily give a combined 90 Romulan marks I can't understand your complaint infact I think your just like some of the players that want want want but then complain when you get that you want more.

Now my only issue with the Tau Dewa Sector daily is this once people play it through once they will eventually find that you can re-enter a system and replay the particular mission over again that will make it where people will find the easiest one and just play that mision 5 or 6 times to get the reward. I don't think that should be the case my opinion is that once you have done a particular system it should lock and you have to go to the next system then when your done with the daily and you reclaim it a day later then those systems unlock again and you can do those systems again if a player so chooses.

Besides that I have found no issue with the dailies so far will try out the New Romulus mission next and report if I find anything worth while