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10-26-2012, 08:22 PM
Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
They are also maxed to 400 slots - with most carrying only 300 - allowing space to fill up with whites - which i then provide to the exchange.

i provide hundreds of common doffs to the exchange every day
And that makes you a massive hypocrite.

How can you criticize someone for using the grinder to make VR DOFFs for the purpose of selling them on the exchange. And then admit that you sell your Common DOFFs on the exchange. There is no difference. You act as if there's something inherently wrong about selling VR DOFFs. Yet it's perfectly fine for you to sell hundreds of Common DOFFs each day.

You accuse other people of manipulating the VR DOFF market. Yet you are almost certainly manipulating the Common DOFF market to a greater degree than those people selling 10 VR DOFFs each day. Not only that, but your profits are significantly higher than someone selling a dozen VR DOFFs from the grinder.

But go ahead. Continue criticizing people for doing in a very minor way what you are doing on a much greater scale.