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My fleet recently reached Starbase tier3 Military and I was on the very excited verge of upgrading my Retrofit Defiant to a Fleet version. Sadly I have been working under the delusion that C-store ships would be upgradable to their Fleet equivalents for only 1 Module. ... WRONG! I thought I read that somewhere, right?

Now I'm not blaming Crypt for my ignorance. I am blaming them for theirs.

I've researched and read that Cryptic's reason for not allowing VA ships variants that existed prior to F2P to be upgraded to Fleet versions for 1 Mod is ... the ships were "free."

With all due respect ... BS! As an early adapter of STO (not beta, but I?ve been here since launch ...), I remember paying to play. I paid monthly ... I have the chargecard statements to prove it. In the "old days" a monthly subscrip was $15.00. Since F2P, the average c-store ship is $25.00 (I think, I haven?t purchased one). Well I didn?t just play one month to reach VA back in the day, I was here for months. Each one the privilege of playing $15 for my continued enjoyment. That was my decision and I was happy with it.

But for Cryptic to say I didn?t "pay for my VA Retrofit Defiant" is IMHO complete BS. It was definitely paid for. So ... why the short-term memory? Why the ignorance and blind eye to those those were there at the beginning?

Fine ... whatever ... that was under Atari, this is under PWE ... Cryptic is still the universal constant in all this change.

There?ve been a lot of casting stones at Cryptic lately with all the proposed changes coming to S7. There's been an overuse of language like "it was never intended ..." and yet many of what's being change survived S1 - S6. A hell of a long time to be "unintended."

I know one thing that was intended. The requirement I pay to play at the launch of STO and for years following. You have the programming and the metadata to substantiate what you will ... I believe (strongly) those who "earned" their VA ship tokens under the paid system did pay for their ships. Otherwise they couldn?t have signed on to play at all, ?free? ship or not.

I don?t expect Cryptic to change their policy. I also don?t expect to get my Fleet Defiant. I just wanted to vent my thoughts, and call Cryptic out on what I see is a horrendous lack of recognition for the paid days on their part.

STO is F2P now, and it was P2P before, and whatever the case ... playing at all is a choice. That's on me. But as of late Cryptic has been pissin' on what I used to appreciate in this game (yes, I know it's a for profit business ... still it's a game generating profit!) and while I?m not silly enough to cry BS slogans like "I?m out of here, I?m never coming back, STO's FUBAR and I?m gone - so long suckers," I am seriously considering putting more time in what else I play and what may be new to come.

My interested in leaving is on you Cryptic.
you should be grateful that you no need to pay to play the game so just play whatever it has in the game and put good feedbacks about the game