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When Season 7 first started hitting Tribble, I was pessimistic. My favorite tanking set (Retro Borg) was getting an unwarranted nerf (and I am STILL unhappy about that >.>), the Reputation system seemed okay, if slow (no one was queuing for anything, so I had no marks for ANYTHING), and the "Season of content" was looking like grind central.

Then Tau Dewa opened up, and now I couldn't be happier. The patrols were fun, the Tholian ships (on your own) are a challenge, and I'll never hurt for Romulan Marks again. There is a TON to do on New Romulus, I could spend 2 hours in the Staging Area alone. I jumped off the pretty bridge and found MORE content... OH WOW. I came within an inch of getting a Nanov ALL THE WAY up the river, because I wasn't sprinting (I didn't know if the Nanov could keep up - it can). There is a BOAT load of new content in that sector block, and I am LOVING it. If there's anything else, it's icing on the cake.

Just one quip... On the Jouret System map, can we at least get to see Jouret IV in the map? Maybe with the crater visible on the planet? I wrote my Fed Liberated Borg Engineer's story as being from there, and it'd be a nerd-gasm-worthy touch.

Oh, and I'd love to visit Khitomer.
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