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10-26-2012, 10:28 PM
Reman set changes are not enough.

You guys need to understand that 10% and 10 stacks still means that the shield which has insignificant resists is worse off than using the borg regenerative shield. Literally. The regenerative shield heals up at higher rate DEPENDABLY than this 10% chance to stack 10 times. At least the borg shields have some sort of resists to boot.

Not to mention you will not get 10 stacks and associated shield HP that is boosted fast enough to even compensate for the shield hp lost to the 9 out of 10 shots that did not proc the shield.

The whole shield bonus concept is absurd mathematically and practically. Have you people even bothered to test it under controlled situations?

Here's an easier way to fix the reman shield: Make that 10% proc chance, 10 stack be shield resists to all energy type. Easy. Its the aegis equivalent but it works for shields not hull resists as the aegis does.

Also, the reman set plasma torpedo bonus needs to have the torpedo damage and speed increased by at least 25% . As it stands the reman bonus barely makes the heavy plasma torpedo any better... it is faster but it still isn't fast enough. For it to work at decent levels the heavy plasma torpedo should fly as fast as a chroniton torpedo.