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Originally Posted by emperormak View Post
And that makes you a massive hypocrite.

How can you criticize someone for using the grinder to make VR DOFFs for the purpose of selling them on the exchange. And then admit that you sell your Common DOFFs on the exchange. There is no difference. You act as if there's something inherently wrong about selling VR DOFFs. Yet it's perfectly fine for you to sell hundreds of Common DOFFs each day.

You accuse other people of manipulating the VR DOFF market. Yet you are almost certainly manipulating the Common DOFF market to a greater degree than those people selling 10 VR DOFFs each day. Not only that, but your profits are significantly higher than someone selling a dozen VR DOFFs from the grinder.

But go ahead. Continue criticizing people for doing in a very minor way what you are doing on a much greater scale.
Perhaps English is not your first language - look up the term "Hypocrite"

If I were telling people not to grind purples, but instead was doing it myself - then I would be a "Hypocrite"

Instead what i am doing is providing a item to the market which is in HIGH demand, thereby keeping the price from rising - which most people want.

By grinding purples, which are a LOW demand item, and placing them on the market this drives down the price - which most people don't want(including Cryptic from my understanding)

Example I can place 100 commons at 74k and have them sold in a few minutes - this is because there is a massive demand for them.

A purple grinder comes along and because they don't sell as fast keeps undercutting the other guys - this drops the prices and value of these "end game" items to where they lose core value as something to work for - and that part of the system collapse.

On top of that we are also due for another high end doff pack promo which guarentees a high end doff - do you think Cryptic wants to have the prices of high end doffs depressed on the exchange for this coming doff pack sale? It is almost certain that there will be one next month. This is just one of the reasons for the grinder changes in my mind.

Because these promos are not announced too far in advance you people here demanding an answer for the changes will most likely get nothing.

I don't like to go into what I know as people put it down as rumor or my various mental problems.

I will say 1 last time - don't waste your time focasing on getting changes to the blues and purples - it's not going to happen. Focus on the common to green conversion.

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