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Originally Posted by boglejam73 View Post
hey taco, pretty environments on the new romulus. Once you enter a systems space map, those look nice too.

The only thing I'm thinking is a bit odd (and not in your area of responsibility) is the whole observe the wildlife thing. Every animal I observe makes me kill it as soon as I am done observing it. Doesnt seem like something space-hippie starfleet would do. Observe the wildlife, yes. Shoot it immediately thereafter? Not so much.
All of the animals you observe you CAN kill. . . but only a few of them will agro on you. It's your choice (most of the time).

Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Beaming to New Romulus as I type this. I'm not sure I like the space look of it. I realize it's a work in progress, but is it's atmosphere getting stripped away? Doesn't seem like a nice place to live.
Not stripped away, just intense Auroras. You can see them from the ground too.
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