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Still don't like it. I mean it makes sense that you would want your "let's make a hole in physics" generating field units to be away from the ship, but at least put them on something that doesn't look like a hit from a sneeze will snap it off. And as for a saucer, yes, it's a good design, but only from the horizontal. From the vertical, it's like a giant target. There are multiple examples in the show and in games and other things where the saucer get's blasted from above or below and has a hole drilled right through it.

However the hole in my argument is as such: All the ships that have that design are not combat ships. They are exploration ships. The reason the Defiant is designed as such is because it was designed to be in a fight or two or thirty and be ok. Hence why it was designed as such.

But you have to admit, having the bridge where it is on the excel, galaxy, constellation, constitution, and even the sovereign is just tantamount to suicide. I mean, it's there, in the dead center on the top deck. It's as exposed as possible. In fact there are multiple instances of the bridge of one of those ships getting shot. You don't ever see the control center of a covie cruiser getting blasted. It's in the dead center of the ship (actually a little forward, don't want to be too close to the primary plasma reactor), underneath dozens of layers of armored decks and an extremely thick outer hull. And you never see any damage to it as a result of an external source. THAT is good ship design to me. But different universe, so oh wells lol.
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