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Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
So lately in KASE a lot, people have been calling for the 5km 'rule' when dealing with Donatra, saying she won't cloak if everyone stays outside of 5km. I disagree with that assessment, but I also figure debating tactics in the middle of a match would be bad timing and, with truncated text, come off as needlessly argumentative rather than trying to genuinely discuss it. So I bring it up here instead, to ask other players in a more suitable environment for such discussion. I think its silly, but if I'm mathematically wrong, lemme know why.

1 Isn't it yet another STF urban legend, like successful optionals supposedly boosting chances for tech drops and the like? She cloaks whenever she feels like cloaking, and thats just how it goes. Why bend over backwards for something that doesn't actually affect anything?

2 Pets. Between the proliferation of fighter pets and photonic fleet pets, even if you hang back, won't something else break the 5km boundary? Or do they not count? Or are pets supposed to be held back now (sucks if you're a carrier)?

3 We do more damage inside of 5km. This is true for everyone, but for me especially (being selfish here), the 2 ships I'm running lately are built around PSW3, so I need to get in close or lose my biggest hit. Even if this does ultimately trigger the cloak, isn't the extra damage worth it?

4 She's at her most vulnerable right after decloak. Evasive out of the cone of the thalaron pulse, pick your choice of shield facings, pound her with your biggest attacks. Its the best time to hit her, so why not enourage her to do it more often?

5 Recharge times. The cloaking time gives her a chance to heal a bit and recover her BOFF powers. However it also gives us that same breather. She gets 4 powers, we get 20+ times 5 players, plus much better healing. Plus one player with a subnuc can take most of her recovery away. Seems like the players come out on top of that math to me.

So I'm not trying to argue per se, but these are my thoughts on the subject. Am I overlooking something and need to jump on the bandwagon, or is this new rule a silly fad that needs to go away?
the 5km rule seems to be true, however I agree with you... there is also

6) an escort under the fire of donatra can't tank it for a long time... the only way to avoid its fire is staying more then 10km away (and becoming useless) or flying closer to it (traying to stay near its back).