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10-27-2012, 02:21 AM
Originally Posted by wazzagiow View Post
if season 7 has a very good story and we end up rewarded a defector. yes a romulan BO. then thats all fine and good.

if we end up with a romulan sub faction, where the romulans join the feds or klingons then that is effectivley destroying the RSE not rebuilding it. we would also see 2 major races in the history of star trek having nothing short of an identity crisis romulans and klingons acting like the federation indeed.

lets face it this game should have launched with 3 or 4 full factions not 2 (or as some say 1 and a half). it's time to catch up in 2013!
I agree but the chance of them making full factions for cardies or romulan is looking more like a dream than reality. We should have guessed when we had the poll when it said playable romulan rather than playable romulan faction.