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10-27-2012, 02:48 AM
In-Orbit: I like the Auroras, but seems the planets color seems off. (Also the Nebula has a bright spot).

Planet Map: I really love the Player Map. It's simple, easy to use, and it's like from a PADD. I hope to see other Maps be redone with a similar approach.

"The Arrival Cutscene": I like, and very good choice with the new leader (D'Tan) being one of the reunificationists. Though disappointed Obisek didn't say Hi, thought we were buds!

"The City": Rough for a new beginning. Like the Romulan Shuttle.

The Historian: Costs 10,000 Colonial CXP for 75 Marks, but the DOFF mission would not launch. Bug?

Scan Game: Props to the Cat, I really like the new Romulan Scan Game. Fits nicely.

Nanov: I actually thought it was rather cute the way you whistled and it followed you. But I honestly had no idea where the mother was to take the baby back to her. I ound her 30 minutes later exploring, so you should mark it on the map when it goes live. Also, given the distance of the babies, she should've been more central, it's a long run from the waterfall.

Bridge Accolade: Haha "To Boldly Jump"!

Too bad there wasn't other silly accolades like that.

The Rest: Really nice scenery, and most parts felt empty. As I explored, while there are dungeons you unlock with the reputation, I couldn't help but feel that I could've stumbled on some named NPC that had a rare chance to drop something nice.

Perhaps you could add those in.

Vendors: We need them.

Tholians: Guess the EVA suits weakened them, because they were easy. Only thing that was troublesome is those drones.

Embassy (Federation): It's really nice, except that Tactical / Operations in the back on the first floor is rather boring. Given the size of those walls, why not put some big screens (no, I'm serious).

Embassy Office could use some decor.

And what's with the Fish Tank noises from the Stairwells?

Ops Level: Not sure what to think of it. What's it's purpose? Is it really an auditorium for the Fleet??

Shuttle Bay: Nice they are of proper size now (they look larger, but fit realistically). Though given the scaling, the detail is a bit odd, just like a few years ago when you guys rescaled the Defiant (I think it was the Defiant) and had to make a new paint job.

Also be fun if we could open the Shuttle Doors.

Overall, I give New Romulus an B-B++.

Nice Scenery, great ammount of marks (not sure if they were boosted for Tribble testing or that's the norm). But it felt empty in some areas.

What concerns me the most is another Defera a few months from now. Granted I don't know what's in those dungeons, but hopefully it's content that would encouage replayability. Because that's what some places need, is reason for players to come back once in a while.