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Originally Posted by claransa View Post
This mision, along with some others, got bugged with the last patch. Several people, including myself have bug reported it so it will likely get fixed, soon (as the dev's say)
probably same here, with "Act of Defiance", destroying enemy ships attacking suply ship ... when I deal with 2 smaller ones, Slavedriver Battleship (or something like that) comes out, and no way I can do anything about it ...yeah, I am kinda n00b in STO but after those missions so far any1 would see there is no way outta this one, just nothing I can do - no1 to interact with, no place to go, nothing else to do xcept --> destroying that ship, and I can shoot 1 week and leave no mark on that one.

solved the problem in the end - simple, as any "problem" when you turn it around and do something else ---> when approaching that Supply Ship there are 2 enemy ships away from it, and 2 ships ATTACKING that supply ship, so just TAKE A DETOUR and go around those first 2 ships and (as it says) destroy ships attacking supply vessel 1st, then other 2 ships, and when big one comes - spend some time shooting at it and done.

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