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10-27-2012, 03:51 AM
hmm, nice build.

since you didn't skill projectile weapons, why not go for BO3 instead of a second rapid fire (which i find tbh too much as a third cannon skill)

gravity well is nice, but since you didn't put any points in particle generators or graviton generator it is very weak. why not go for TSS3 HE2 and polarize you can take up AP beta to boost your and grp dps. Or some other ability that profits from flow capacitor. Tykons rift, tachyon beam, energy syphon (that one is particularely great)

then the 2 EPtS...since RSP does no longer share cd with EPtS, why not use it.

with this setup, you probably would be better off with either tetryon or polaron, or some of the combo that you profit a lot more from all the skills and sets you use. lot more synergy if you remove phasers.

also, you may want to consider to remove the 2 conn officers and pick up 2 tac teams, and instead use some others that may boost dps further. AP doff for instance...or the one that strips all buffs.

solid build for PVP or PVE, but lacks synergy, and has further space for some improvements. also some skills are maxed, but if you compare it with this list, it makes only little sense since you get only very minor improvements for a lot of points.
my suggestion would be this

*one thing i wanted to add: i'm pretty sure tht gravity well is the one thing that is NOT affected by the APalpha and omega damage boosts. TBR, photonic shockwave, all other dmg abilities that originate from your ship (also consoles) profit from +% dmg. i don't know if it is still possible, but photonic shockwave fully buffed with tactical buffs could/can oneshot unshielded ships.
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