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10-27-2012, 05:13 AM
Hm, ok.

So main issues manoeuvrability and, as a consequence, durability.

Clearly, the thrusters skill would make your life a lot easier, but that is indeed a very expensive fix.
In the meantime, (assuming engineer boff skills in the line of what I posted earlier) what you could try is substitute ES2 for Aux to Dampeners, that will give you a (133%) turn rate/speed boost. Coupled with evasive manoeuvres (483%) that might help. Maybe even one or two doffs to reduce cooldown on evasive?

That way, you don't sacrifice too much, in order areas.

What you could also try is to (temporarily) put more power into your engines, until you're facing your target.
On the subject of engines, what type are you using, out of curiousity? I generally like the KHG engines for their power boost, though here the Energy Wake proc on the Omega Force shields would also be nice. If you're not using torpedoes, it might pay to use Omega deflector and shields for the Tetryon Glider and Energy Wake procs, in combination with the KHG (efficient) engines?

Anecdotal: on a Fed engineering character, 6 points in thrusters, I've gotten the Dreadnought from it's turn rate of 6 up to escort levels, by stacking aux to dampeners, evasive and emergency power to engines. Without RCS console, even... Now, that's overdoing it, clearly, but it was a nice test.

Console: tricky, I'm not sure what'd be the best way to go there. I like the Iso charge too, particularly in combination with a Gravity Well. So indeed, maybe the Magnetomatric, since the tac consoles give way to much advantage to scrap...

Good to hear that the damage is good, though. That means that it is a viable option, after tweaking...