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10-27-2012, 04:29 AM
I would recommend getting the hegh'ta at 40 with your ship requisition simply for the flexibility it offers for playstyles, then buying the mirror qin off the exchange if you decide you want something with a little more punch.

If you really want to spend zen, then I'd heavily recommend getting the kar'fi as your first purchase. It's a great platform for just about anything you'd want to do with it. It flies well for any of the 3 captain's career choices.

The bortasqu, on the other hand, I found to be very sluggish. You can put DHC's up front and make it work, but it really feels like you're fighting with the ship every step of the way. I bought the version with sensor analysis and found the console useful... if the recharge was shorter. I stripped it off fairly quickly. TL;DR is this ship is very dependent upon your personal tastes.
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