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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post

Systems:[list][*]Reman Space Set: Covariant Capacitance Cell, the 3-piece Bonus, has been improved:
The set seems broken as I just spent 10mins getting shot at with zero heals. The cap went up and stacked ok but the hitpoints never changed.

The Reman set seems very weak for how hard it is to get. The hvy Plasma is still easy to shoot down and slow moving although it is faster then without the set. I am finding torpedo spread works better than hvy plasma with the set. Do not get me wrong I think the heavy plasma set bonus is great and on the right track just the defence and speed bonus could perhaps do with being a little higher.

Even with the set the only time heavy plasma seems to work is if I am point blank and let it hit me. If I go to the very first mission "Stranded in Space" and shot a heavy plasma at the first low powered cruisers chances are even with the set I will do 0 or very low damage.

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