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10-27-2012, 05:32 AM
My doffs manufacture a wide variety of equipment items for me. They also acquire an array of various commodities for me. you can also get fleet marks if you know what you're doing. (and I do those regularly)

Beleive it or not, you aren't the average doffer. You have very specific goals in doffing, mainly the acquisition of dilithium.
Lets see.

Equipment. MkXII consles aside i don;t know of anything i can't get as a drop or buy from vendors for chump change. And M<KXIII Consles need, guess what, a good roster.

Commodditties. Only useful to feed back into the doff system or, (assuming your not just talking about the gamma ones), starbases, so yeah, back to point 1.

FM's good point, but you need a good roster to do that, without a good roster you just can't aquire the 100K XP in thing in any resonable time frame. I aquired 20K Sci XP in maybe 6 months of doffing on my sci. Then after converting her 100 or so greens to 20 odd blues, (i had some saved in the mail), that suddenlly began exploding, in 3 weeks it's shot to 65K.

Fact is nothing in the doff system worth aquiring can be aquirred without good crity chances, and that can only be aquirred with a solid roster.

I also wasn't suggesting everyone takes their entire doff rewards and up-converts them. I figure they did what i did. Coverted the recruitnment missions rewards to greens till they hit the 100 cap then converted their leveling pack reward whites to grees. Kept converting to greens til they get a full roster and ropeeat the procwess for blues. It was around this point i finnially got able to finish the colonial chains and embassy's, (really bad fabrication and technition drop rates but got a bunch of blues), now i convert what i can through the embassy's et al and put the spares through the grinder for the last week or so.

I'm also not saying tha you can't get decent rewards from the embassies. But like you said, you need traits, and even then a fair percebntage will be greens you'll have to upconvert agains, and getting blue to purples sans grinder is damm near imposibble on a reliable basis.

I'm also not asking for instant gratification. I'm asking for a grind thats appropriatte to the rewards. With thjis chang anw player or anew character faces the single longest solo grind in the game to get aces to the decent rewards. None of which are very spectacular. For a grind thats going to be even longer than anything bar a solo starbase i expect sutibale rewards. I.e. som,thin that makes the rep systems look laughable. If i have to put that kind of grind in only to be told the very best reward i cna get is a chance at a random MkXII consle i'm just going to go. "scre you". And so is the rest of the player base. Why bother with such a god awfully long grind for rewards that are so so at best, (and it looks like the fleet system may well make that assignment worthless as well soon).