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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
The funny part is that if you build a ship and a class around its vanilla role, STO's "endgame" PvE is borderline unplayable. SNB is useless, perception debuffs are useless, ES is useless...

I took a recently-hit-50 Engie suited up in a Mirror Star into one of the STF things. Now I'm tossing out 25k+ heals, Extends and CC that'd make me a nightmare to deal with in an actual PvP game, but here anything the Eng/Cruiser brings is pissed away because he just cannot put out the hurt or heal in numbers large enough to save this dumbass NPC that won't distro its own shields.

Throw that Engie back into an escort and bam, I can check my answering machine messages while I AFK autofire through all of it.

Cryptic has such a bizarre, schizophrenic attitude towards PvP... if they don't care about it, why do we have healers/debuffers? Why did they even bother giving DOffs active effects instead of making them just a Pokemon minigame?
5000x THIS ^^^^
Systems take a note! Your design intention to have one set of mechanics across PvE and PvP are not slightly out of whack, or unintuitive, or based on bad specs. They are NOT working.

Also we entered Proc overkill (especially from all cannon escorts with 2xCRF, btw), as Naldoran said before. Procs are fun if they are powerful, noticeable and rare. Curretnly, they are powerfull and noticeable alright, that last bit is something that needs to be addressed.
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