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10-27-2012, 06:00 AM
Let's forget all this banter as it is getting no-where and no-one at Cryptic is responding.

In my opinion this is why they are raising the costs, and if I am correct then they plan to keep them intact.

1)There is a new doff pack coming that will offer high quality doff(s) in it next month or at latest Dec - perhaps a Christmas pack - which will also offer the Jem Bug as a Special prize.

Having higher quality doffs cost more at the grinder and more at the exchange makes Cryptic believe they will sell lots of packs.

2)Yet another dilth sink - they are the way the game is going and Cryptic seems hell bent on putting them everywhere despite player dislike.

Therefore they are unlikely to modify the doff grinding costs

3)Data - prior to season 6 - very fee people used the grinder - it was like a ghost town at SFA every time I did the lore - every day. Now the place is like the DMV(getting your drivers stuff)

They want to change his and make doff aquisition return to the doff system and pack. Plus they want people to start burning off fleet credits and the higher quality doffs cost a lot of fleet credits.

4)an additional time gate - whether the gate is for starbase construction/embassey construction/rep system/doff system- the increased costs will significantly slow down the process of going through "content"

There you go - the answers that you want - why they are doing this. Of course this is only my opinion but I can tell you I am fairly confident that it is accurate.

But let's face it - you don't really want to know the reasons why - you just don't want them to do it. Sorry i don't think you will get that demand.