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10-27-2012, 07:48 AM
- GORGEOUS visuals. Really nice and varied map with some great sights and atmosphere. If I were to judge it in terms of looks alone I would rate it really high, especially when compared to other STO locations.
- Lot of potential for ACTUAL adventures, hidden areas, secrets, random encounters and such.

- Suffers from the same issue DS9 and ESD sometimes do, i.e. long/infinite loading.
- Nice to have bank and mail consoles, but I didn't find any vendor whatsoever.
- Neat visuals and a big area, but surprisingly little interaction aside from quest objects and quest givers. Needs some additional touches, like mentioned vendors, more secrets, hidden areas and accolades and so on.
- Average trekker's wet dream - scanning type missions. I mean, really? It's just either collect stuff, scan stuff, repair stuff and sometimes kill stuff. Rocks, crystals, anomalies, fauna and flora - star trek purists are going to feel at home, but do you really think this makes for an interesting gameplay?
- Speaking of rocks, crystals, anomalies, plants, reports, padds and such - do we really need even more inventory junk? I know it's mostly to force players to purchase more slots, but it's annoying as hell to carry all this stuff for some "collect x amount and bring it back" types of missions, especially since they're not needed for anything else.
- Boring generic MMO missions with little to no rewards. I actually found some mission that didn't reward anything aside from expertise. Also, no dilithium rewards to speak of, which is plain silly to be honest.
- Solely quest and grind oriented - could we please have some unique very rare drops/loot or something? This goes back to those "little touches" I mentioned.
- Obvious paths to further locations/instances having invisible walls and no notification whatsoever.

In short, yet another Defera/Nukara that many players are going to do once or twice and forget about, and then focus on grinding marks on other types of missions. Little to no incentive to go back here, aside from perhaps grind/collect accolades.

Perhaps if we could get some dilithium as an additional reward... like, even as little as 10 RM and 120 dilith per mission, then perhaps... maybe... just sayin'...