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Except for the usual GUI bugs there are some some other bugs that should be fixed.

The mines are not improved by Variable Geometry Detonator consoles, and most likely also not by the Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console. It is however improved by flow capacitors. I could understand somewhat that it is not improved by the detonator, but the other 200 lobi console should work. Speaking of which, what in this game is not affected by flow capacitors ?

Warp theorist DOFF affects the launcher. However, instead of aplying the broken debuff (hint hint does not work) to the target, it debuffs your ship when you drop the mines

The shield dmg they do, does not show in combat log, nor does it count for pvp results table.

Considering the item costs 200 lobi and is around for some time, I would expect these bugs to be ironed out rather quickly.