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You know that areas unlock as you level up through the reputation system.
I found one building that I didn't have access to due to low reputation tier, but an NPC at least told me about that. Areas I refered to are actually stratigh paths with invisible walls and no notification whatsoever, which looks just silly. Some popup "you're forbidden from accessing this area (yet)" would be nice.

Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
grind missions - get new missions - grind some more - get new missions etc
Sure, that's fine. Now let me get back to you in 6 months or so when (if...) I'll manage to rank up in those horrendously demanding tiers...

Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
although some dilithium/gear/fleet rewards rewards would certainly be welcome.
With things looking as they are such rewards are not going to be welcome, but necessary. Unless, of course, Cryptic plans on artificially influencing dilithium exchange so that Zen won't drop down too low, discouraging players from both paying and playing...

Oh, while at it, I forgot to mention one more con - Beam to Ship button doesn't have any confirmation. I actually accidently clicked it while doing other stuff and I was immediately beamed from the ground to space. Some kind of "are you sure?" confirmation would be nice, as the button is always present and isn't really that small like, let's say, STFs "Leave Map" buttons.

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