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I'll be taking care of that on Monday.
When I was looking at it, the Mama Nanov was drawn as if underwater, even though she sticks out of the water.

And this: As you can see from the minimap, I'm moving AWAY from the map edge!

But, I loved being able to run around and whack random Hirogen! It was fun! They'd suddenly decloak and I'd chop them to bits with my Nano-pulse.

here's a bunch of random stuff I wrote down while playing:
New Romulus is in a binary system?

"Treat Refugee for a severe concussion" doff mission has a missing space in the decription.

Haggle for Romulan Ale? YESPLEASE!!!!

Embassy interior: the roaming npcs would sometimes walk OVER the circular desk in the middle

LOVE the new minigame!

Why does New Romulus have purple Water? Does it contain a form of purple algae?

Nanovs are a species of cephalopod that has amphibious characteristics.

Radiation reports have no picture.

Adult Nanonvs are larger than elephants. Mama Nanov is drawn as if completely submerged even though she isn't.

some of the rocks near mama have obvious polys.

The river plant item looks like a tech gizmo.

Epohh collection: only reward is exp

I saw Uhlan groups that walked like conjoined triplets

Bug spray has no animation. You can't see if you're hitting anything except by the damage markers

"Welcome, Admiral Tilo"?

"Research history of New Romulus doesn't give an error when you don't have more than 100k.

"Assign Security Team to Embassy" slot 1 has no success trait

I can haz joystick!
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