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One thing I have not gotten my head around yet is the red alerts on new romulus.

it pops up that there is a read alert. and when you click it it takes you to the list of arears but which one is having the red alert. perhaps that needs to indicate which area is having the problem.

i do like the idea of the red alerts. it would be nicer if they were bigger and more involved.

perhaps there could be a big map wide red alert that every player can contribute to, with multiple objectives?


can we get some unique doff assignments added to the space and ground maps, that players can do anytime?


tholians seemed a bit weak. those commanders that walk around on their own should be quite a bit tougher


space map is beautiful. how about a red alert attack there every now and then?
If you're in one of those areas you have the redalert pop up on your screen the way the Academy particle hunt does. This also means that it begins immediately and you can commence massacreing Hirogen(if in Isha) as soon as the red button appears.

EDIT: I like the new % completion system! It adds multiple mission completion options in a very interesting and novel way. In the mountain peaks you can sneak around and complete the mission by collecting rocks, if you want to.... Or you can stick it to the Tal Shiar without mercy! Personally I liked the approach of dismembering the giant scorpions best.

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