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10-27-2012, 08:52 AM
And more tests:

- Starbase 234: AWESOME!!!! I think as a team will be able to even destroy the base, and I guess i'l do that some day on Holodeck.

- Carraya System - I am beginning to see a pattern here... maybe you could add a little more variation in these missions?

- Beta Lankal: That's a nice deviation fromt he aforementioned pattern.

- Pheben: I need several attempts to deploy each satlellite. Also, the unactivated satellites vanished after a while, with no option to place new ones. Intentional? Also, I deployed one satellite too far from the center, and then could not activate it?
-- I very much like that it is not some bridge officer who tells me what to do, but that it is my captain who tells the civilians what we are going to do! (A fat and slow carrier is the wrong ship for that mission, by the way. XD)

-Galorndon. Herding Gekli is always an excercise in patience, and I am not entirely sure how to motivate them. I can sometimes use my carrier pets as herd dogs by setting them on escort, but not always... but it is a nicely done mission, nevertheless.

-Nequencia: LOL WTF! Cool idea and nice Star Trek DS9 reference! XD

- Gamma Eridon...too much "pattern", I guess. ^^

- New Romulus:
-- Extremely beautiful space map! There is a transwarp gate, but apparently it is either nonfunctional or not useable by Klingons.
-- Wonderful, giant ground map. Slows down my system quite a bit, though. I am not much into ground, so I ddid not do many missions, though.
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