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10-27-2012, 08:54 AM
Personally I prefer Omega 3 to Beta 3. I love just being able to zip around like a shuttle and plus because I hate being held/disabled/tractor'd/etc with a passion it makes it especially great.

However, the Boff setup I have there is more for STF's than PVP. Hence Grav Well (which I use aux batteries for so it isn't as weak) and CSV. If were to PVP, I'd switch out CSV for Beta 1 and Grav Well for Energy Siphon. Tykens Rift I wasn't aware was affected by flow caps. Hmm, I'll have to play with that. And I've only just started using Sci abilities (I used to be content with just HE and TSS2) so I'll have to play with the other stuff as well.

As for max skills, the only reason I maxed anything in my build was because A, I had the extra points, and B, because there was no reason not to, despite the small difference. When I get another respec I'll have to play around with it again. The way I play I tried to tweak it so I was maneuverable, accurate, and naturally damaging beyond all reason. But now that I'm starting to use Sci skills more actively (that Lt. Cmdr Sci slot is just like, conception to me now) its thrown a wrench in my usual cogs.

And I do have a Polaron set, but I shelved them just so I could use something different for a change. Also doesn't help that for the longest time I used to believe DC's > DHC's so I've still got to replace my Accx3 DC's with DHC's before I can seriously use them again.