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Originally Posted by captainmann View Post
Ok, thanks for getting back to us. I can run it fine on Windows XP through VMWare on the same machine, so I'm guessing the nvidia card isn't an issue because VMWare involves a virtual graphics card?

Should the Cryptic Studios folder keep all the game files in the same places as it would if played on Windows? Because I've transferred the folder between VMWare and my Mac and they don't detect any patched files if they were patched on the other OS and have to patch everything again. (Even though the game folder is still taking up the 10GB that it is supposed to, more data gets added on... So the data IS there) All other games I've played with ports have had all files within the game folder in the same place so it can be transferred between operating systems and the game still runs... It may or may not be normal, but I don't know too much about ports.
Moving the folder around isn't a problem.

Originally Posted by tlainan View Post
Hey, I just wanted to give some feedback on what happened to me when upgrading from UMV 1.4.1 to UMV 1.5.1 under 10.8.2. 1.4.1 had allowed me to get to the login screen, and thus had allowed me to patch the actual game executable to the latest version. In other words, I was trying to open the game after a quadruple upgrade: Wineskin, the STO wrapper (UMV), STO itself and Mountain Lion.

Following the instructions included with the UMV, I simply dropped the folder called "Cryptic Studios" from STO UMV 1.4.1 > drive_c > Program Files into STO UMV 1.5.1 > drive_c > Program Files.

Then I clicked on the "Star Trek Online" icon. And waited. And waited. And seriously NOTHING happened for about 10 minutes. The only indication that anything might have been working is that "Star Trek Online" appeared in the "Force Quit" list. That's all.

After about 10 minutes, I finally got a screen that said that my hardware wasn't recognised and that I'd have to choose between default or lowered settings. This happened all the time with 1.4.1, so I knew to hit "default". (That said, I've been able to run the game no matter what settings I choose, even if I set everything to the highest extreme.)

Passing this hurdle, it gave me the login screen "proper", checked for patches, and then allowed me to login. The black "Cryptic" screen came up and held there for about 10 minutes. On the other side of this screen, I was told my login credentials weren't valid, so I entered them again, and was given access to my characters. From there, it's been smooth sailing.

The point is that, following an update to 1.5.1, it can be a 20-30 minute wait from the time you press "Star Trek Online" until Star Trek is actually online -- even on higher end Mac Pro Servers.
Thats a bit odd... I tried the same thing on my main machine after upgrading and it was pretty fast. It also shouldn't be able to ask you the defaut or lower question until after you press Engage...