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10-27-2012, 10:43 AM
Thanks for the replies everyone,

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Dear Kurtzroy:

Great to have you playing KDF. Many of us are very willing to help. It would be helpful for us, however, to know how you envision the role of this toon. As a Tac, you will probably want to considering being the guy that brings the damage (dps). In this case, the Qin is going to give you much more maneuverability than the Bort and will allow you to make use of those DHC more frequently. I would veer away from using any sort of cannons on the Bort. It turns too slowly.

The Bort is a great support dmg ship and also a healer (w Engi captain) due to its high hull rating, universal slots, and high level engi slots.
I envision my Kdf tact as a DPS guy with a bag of tricks, I took a look at the fleet Tor'kat and it looks like a beast, perhaps I should consider aiming for this over the bort?