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Yes, you heard me right, SEVEN BOFF Stations on a Defiant and they all work!

How you ask? Did I unlock some sort of super secret C-store un-lock, am I a Cryptic dev at my day job?

No, my friends, and I will tell you how you to can have up to seven BOFF stations on the ship of your choice!

First, go to a ship selector at some star base, any one will do. you will notice that you can select a ready ship for both your starship and your shuttle. Pick which ever ones you like, then beam back into space with your starship selected as you current ship. Please note there is a difference between current and ready.

You will notice your starship now has extra BOFF stations. Apparently someone your chief engineer has listening to your whining and hooked up your shuttle into the systems of your starship, allowing BOFFs on your shuttle to pull their weight. Now go forth my brave captains, and explore what you can do with this.

Yeah, pretty sure this is a bug, so putting it here. I didn't try flying my shuttle to see if I could get all my starship BOFF powers on it, but I probably could. To everyone else on Tribble, enjoy, I know I did.

And to the devs, sorry about the use car salesman act, but it was just to much temptation to pass up.