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I think most of pretty much think 2 & 4 are definite motives, certainly point 1 is also probable. But I would like Cryptic to admit to this, if I'm going to be screwed and pay for the pleasure of it I would at least like to know the reason,
The Last 2 high-end doff packs were months ago with the re-do gamma and the the reienforcements pack - both offered a special prize either the tuffli freighter or the Jem Bug

It's getting over do for another 1 - A new Romulan/Borg themed pack - perhaps 2 packs - more money there - buy a romulan one and a borg one separate

I am almost 100% positive that this is what they intend - and I was wrong in my blog I was 2 and 1 with Mr stahl - the one thing he would not answer - even though he gave in to me on the hard ones - was what will happen with the Borg Duty officers you can now buy with EDC's

The more I ponder the more I think you will see lots of purple and blue Borg and Romulan doffs hitting very soon in brand new doff packs.

If the grinder cost so much + prices on the exchange are high - those c-store prices will look pretty good for these new unique doffs

Edit: all I can say is that collecting doffs the way I do - I will be buying hundreds of these packs for special Romulan and Borg Duty officers.

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