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10-27-2012, 10:49 AM
Do not. Ever. Put all your hopes on a Cryptic poll.

Cryptic's approach to polls thus far, the few times they have done them, has been to prioritize as follows: Whatever the community least wants, we do first. Cause for whatever came in 1st, they'll wait. They did it with the uniforms. They did it with the ships. And I'll bet they'll do it with this, if they do anything with it at all.

But just as an aside, a playable Romulan faction does not mean a playable Romulan star empire. The Tal'Shiar is a Romulan faction. The military is a Romulan faction. The Mining Guild is a Romulan faction. So really, nothing they've done excludes the possibility of ever having a playable Romulan faction. As long as there's a Romulan, there's hope.

That sounds just wrong.

Be wary of smurfs bearing gifts?


Anyway, I think it's still a bit early to consider the direction the Romulan plotline's developing to be cause for alarm.