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10-27-2012, 11:06 AM
So. What I'm hearing is a fairly reasonable request, if not relatively redundant since they could just get the existing Atrox or Armitage. Then several Klingons, attracted by the scent of someone wanting the type of gameplay that used to be ~theirs~ pile in and start howling and babbling about how carriers and fighters are the KDF's toys and ugh greedy feds crying until they get what they want.

Did I miss anything there? Good. Lets never mind that Klingons were never shown to use any sort of carrier/fighter doctrine, not even in soft-canon, while feds have Peregrines, countless shuttlecraft, the Typhon class from that silly PS1 era game, the Akira class (abloo bloo it was never shown as a carrier... and it was never shown using those 15 torpedo tubes worth a damn but everyone seems just fine with THAT part), etc.