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10-27-2012, 11:54 AM
I went through a couple of boff setups. I put A2Damp on there, I put 2 RCS consoles... and it was still too much of a pig. The only way to run this ship is 7 or 8 beam arrays and never move. It's atrocious! I could barely cover the off-side probes on KASE because they were moving too fast for me. My fed in an oddy does far better for whatever reason. Same turn rate, but must have different inertia ratings or something.

After a few tries I really deemed it unworthy to use. On the sci front my Hegh'Ta gives me far better sci offensive capabilities, even though I can't tank. On the tank-and-shoot-without-much-sci-skills side I have a K'Tinga retrofit that does damned well. I just don't get my grav well and so forth. Both of these are light years better than the Bortas.

So I stopped using it. For now. Just about everything else I've ever used is better and more effective than it, so I'm going to drop the idea until I hear of a really good setup that I might want to try in the future. it really is a massive waste of money for me to have bought that thing 8 months back.