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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Why bother with that slow turning nebula with no firepower, Fleet Recon Sci ship is way better, or the Wells but it doesn't hit has hard as the Fleet Recon. Haven't tried it yet but the Fleet Nova also seems like a better choice as it has manuverability and offense power too. You still need to be able to do dps as well as use science abilities or STFs and other pve content will take forever.

These are the only sci ships I don't wince at when seeing them in an stf with me since they can do their job as sci ships just as good as a Nebula but can actually help dps too.
Seriously ? you think the neb cant do DPS well ?

you have obviously not run into my Fleet Neb... as it can usually tank a Tac Cube while still putting dicent numbers out for damage.... as I have said before I will say again... the ship itself is a fine ship... it really needs a good player to get the most out of it.... I will out DPS any science ship in the game but a Carrier or the Wells class with my Fleet Nebula
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