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10-27-2012, 01:48 PM
What concerns me is this idea Stahl mentioned a couple times that playable Romulans will just be some form of allies to the Fed or Klingons and not a full faction. IMHO this would be the worst implementation they could come up with and while I can see that Season 7 moves Romulans and Remans closer together (at least some groups), it concerns me that they give all this Romulan stuff to Feds and Klingons. It's like freely giving away everything unique a Romulan faction would offer and for me looks like all Cryptic needs to do now is offer playable Federation/Klingon Romulans and ships in the C-Store.

I'm quite sure people who want a Romulan faction want to play as Romulans/Remans with Romulan ships, doing things for the Romulan Star Empire and not as wannabe Feds/Klings. At least let me scan those 5 plants or kill those innocent Tribbles to benefit the Romulans not other powers in the quadrant.

Nobody, well probably not many, expect full PvE content from 0 to 50 for a third faction. It requires a lot of naivete to think Cryptic is able to deliver something like that. But honestly, all we need is access to the "endgame" content the Federation and KDF already has access to, a small territory on the game map, a couple ships and playable species. There is absolutly no need to bond Romulans to the other factions.
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