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Originally Posted by interestedguy View Post
"All consoles that can be used universally on any ship are prohibited from use without exception (their use will result in a forfeit by said player/team)"

Quotes from the general rules. Can somebody explain what this means?
It's kinda been done. But here's a c&P from when I explained how I thought it worked, and was confirmed it was.

Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
From my understanding, you may not use any Console that is universal from the C-store ships. For example: No Tier 4 and lower C-store Consoles. This would also include No Lockbox Universal Consoles. (Fed No subspace jumper, KDF AMS, Fed Theta, KDF "Run" console, etc..)

However, consoles that come on specific ships, and can only be used on Specific ships are ok from my understanding of the rule. (Cloak for Defiant/Galaxy-X, Tholian Web for Orb/Recluse, Multi-Vector Attack Mode for Advanced Escort, Wells/Destroyer Consoles, etc..)
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