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10-27-2012, 01:59 PM
The upcoming changes to the Borg set seem like a bad idea to me. There are several reasons:

1.) It does remove creativity by removing choice.
While it has been pointed out that we'll just have to become more "creative" it is hard to do this when they are forcing players to effectively choose certain "sets". ( Which are in hindsight, massively overpowered; how many people actually consider using non-set shields, engine, deflectors? I know I don't since so many sets can be obtained through missions, etc and they are just superior stat-wise and because of set-bonuses )

2.) Regarding the Borg set not being used as it was supposed to...
This is, to be blunt, either a massive lie or an incredible oversight on the Developers part. Considering how abilities come into effect as you have more of the set and it becomes obvious to see that a 4-piece anomaly set would lead to mix-and-matching. ( As mentioned earlier though, this may be more oversight arising from them not playing their own game and hence not knowing its' uses )

3.) Proper balancing should never require the sledgehammer approach
What I mean by this is that balancing is normally a delicate process that requires time and lots of small changes before you get things right. Unless I've been missing out on months of them tampering with the stats of the Borg set, then this choice seems rather uncalled for.

As a PvE player, this is how I see things.

Even though I don't normally use the Omega set either, their completely removal of it as an option is also rather sad tbh.

As a side note, anybody hear about whats going to happen to Terradome? ( Only tried it once honestly, but it seems to be quite far left-behind in all the updates :'( )

Way off topic: If they slowed character leveling but introduced more pre-endgame content would that make the grinding feel less like grinding? ie: Takes 40 hours of gameplay roughly to get from lieutenant to lt.cmdr but there are over 5 different dailies/special zones that can be run/explored with more added in at each rank. Unrealistic to achieve ( programming constraints/server sizes/etc ) but it could help alleviate endgame boredom by providing more to do. All supposing that the zones level with you.