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10-27-2012, 02:33 PM
Very beautiful ground zone. Liked that even some of the 'press f' objectives required you to look around and be mindful for different things. Really liked the wildlife (though I would like to see those anteater-things, don't know if I missed them in the forest or if they're part of a reputation mission). Epohh's are so cute, I'm sure they'll be a pet reward for something someday

Especially enjoyed the amount of story you could get from the npc's. And the dynamic objectives should be fun when there are enough people on to achieve them. Didn't see any way to use the historical data with the historian, though, just her colonial-xp-to-fleet-marks conversion. I like being able to spray the swarms and scan radiation leaks, it makes the objectives more fun because you're 'finding' them and solving them before other people. And I definitely appreciate being able to do whatever objectives you want.