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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The T5 Romulan Rep ability is intended to be an "On Next Power" boost. Basically, you activate it, and your next ability that relies upon Science skills is vastly more effective.

We did not have an immediate solution to making a power that could remain on the player until their next power was activated, and then consume it. So the 5-second timer is by design to allow 1 or 2 power activation that are capable of benefiting from the boost.

It's not intended to turn you into Mr. Super Science for any duration. We can re-examine that if necessary, but I wanted to let everyone in on the actual design intent behind the ability first.

If this design intent means that we have to increase the bonus that this power grants, we'd love to hear suggestions as to how high it would need to be for it to be considered effective and desirable, without turning it into a 10-min Cooldown "I Win" button.

I'd like to reinforce the fact that this boost adds +100 to ALL Science Skills. This includes the skills that will increase effectiveness of Shield Heals, Current Shield HPs, Damage, Control and Energy/Shield Drains... but it also grants a massive boost to the RESIST skills that can help players escape or shrug off incoming control effects.
im looking forward to how strong i can get a tac buffed EWP3 with this!
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