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10-27-2012, 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by jexsamx View Post
I would point out that the poll said "playable Romulans", not "full Romulan Faction".
Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
Good call!! People may have voted for one thing thinking it was another.
You're right, the poll did say Playable Romulans rather than a Playable Romulan Faction, but lets be honest here, they (the development team) knew damn well what they were asking with that question, and it wasn't specific to simple Bridge Officers. That might be the excuse they use, and that would be a kick in the nether-regions for everyone who voted.

Cryptic knows people want to play as a Romulan, in a Romulan faction. They knew that when the poll went up.

Edit: If it was a case of just having Bridge Officers, they could have given us another featured episode focusing on a Romulan arc that gave us a Romulan Boff as a reward.