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Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
- New Season update...check...

- Obligatory thread claiming the updates/changes to the game in the new season will destroy what PvP there is in STO...check...

Nice to see the run-up to the new Season update is proceeding normally.

Apologist attitude aside, it's a fact that more pvp players leave STO with every new craptastic addition to the game and continued pvp neglect than new players get added. Even slow bleeders, when left untreated, lead to death. PvP playerbase used to number in the thousand range and is now down to just a small handful of loyalists. Because there is no where else to engage in starship combat. But that's pvp's only saving grace at the moment, and as starship combat becomes less and less fun, that one piece of good becomes less and less important. Remember QEW, the old SOB crew, 7th Core, GoD? All those fleets of players who will never, ever come back. It's only so long until there is but a dozen people left and the queues pop with the same 5v5 over and over and over.
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