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Originally Posted by linkdown1 View Post
With season 7 approching and the massive grind that will be required to stay competive in pvp is going to be it's demise. I have 9 toons once this personal grind starts it will be impossible to stay competetive t1 and t2 will be a joke but from my calculations t3 will be a few hour a day of grinding pve, few hours x9 will make it imposible to keep up. Even if i ditch multiple toons there will be no time left for pvp. Once this S7 is live there a good chance it will be time for me to move on. The only thing that can save pvp is to dissable those buffs.
Bah, empty words. Exactly what people said when Dili was introduced, when lockbox ships came, when the fleet system came (an even bigger grind) and now with this small addition. Still, people adapt and learn to play the game in it's new version as well. Grinding a character to the top of the tree is still no slower than other MMOs. Grinding out the rep stuff is no slower than grinding out a XII set in the STFs. (barring cases of extreme luck)

Try to look at it as an increased level-cap.

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- New Season update...check...

- Obligatory thread claiming the updates/changes to the game in the new season will destroy what PvP there is in STO...check...

Nice to see the run-up to the new Season update is proceeding normally.
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it's a fact that more pvp players leave STO
It's also a fact that more players come than leave. The queues are still alive and kicking. (I can remember time when getting a match could take an hour!)