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Originally Posted by lilchibiclari View Post
All right; I was just concerned that a five-second limit would force a panicked scramble to click on the desired power out of fear of time running out before you could even trigger your first power--which is something of a problem because there is still a persistent bug in the UI where players often have to click on a power icon multiple times before it actually activates.

Given the setup, it would probably be better for players to assign the power-boost (and the powers that they want to activate with it) to hotkeys. Does anybody here have a link to a good set of instructions on the scripting language for that?
Yeah the UI lag is awful... Sometimes clicking a power is not even registered or I have to spam click powers to get them to activate.... or sometimes I click them and they dim and then activate seconds later. This power has the potential to be useless just like ramming speed and abandon ship if something is not done. In certain situations where the UI lags we will probably not have any hope of firing the the sci ability off before the 5 seconds.

I also don't have a crap computer either... quad core phenom II, Nvidia 560Ti 2GB card that only uses 600MB of video ram for this game and 8GB of ram with a velociraptor + ssd on a hybrid card that leverages them both as the SSD is in cache mode. Internet is 15MB down and 1MB up and I rarely have ping or speed issues.

Just to further my point a little more... I usually run 45 to 50fps... when I open the doff window and go to the roster of 400 doffs... it drops to 6fps. The UI needs a serious speed overhaul. It's a weird phenomenon as MSI afterburner shos that GPU usage drops from 40% to 50% to single digits and task manger shows CPU usage drops from around 50% to 30%... whats going on with the UI!!?!?!
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