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10-27-2012, 05:30 PM
Here's one for you:

The game is making my computer no longer "see" the router. The computer right next to me is also playing, on the same router, no disconnects / no issues. Ever

*My* computer on the otherhand gets disconnected around every 10 minutes. Once disconnected, my router no longer shows up in my network list (Windows 7, 64bit, as is the computer that works). It will only be available to me again after I reboot my computer. Rebooting the router doesn't even work.

Not an ISP issue, not a router issue. My computer is "banning" the router after a few minutes of STO. I would *love* to find a solution to this. I have *never* encountered an issue like this before and of course I have played other online heavy games on this machine.