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10-27-2012, 04:31 PM
I've been playing STO since Beta, and pretty much from the beginning I've liked the concept of flying the heavily armored cruiser. I've played with multiple builds, made adjustments over time, and generally had fun with it. However, I've run into a wall of sorts on how I can further improve my build, so I'm looking for ideas from the community now.

Odyssey Science Cruiser
Forward weapons: 3x Fleet Mk XII AP Beam arrays, 1x Hargh'Peng Torpedo
Aft weapons: See forward weapons
Engineering Consoles: 1x Plasma Distribution Manifold Mk XI (Blue), 2x Field Emitters Mk XI (Blue), Chevron Separation
Science Consoles: 2x Field Generator Mk XI (Blue), Point Defense System, Universal Assimilated Console
Tactical Consoles: 2x Antiproton Mag Regulator Mk XI (Blue)
MACO MK XI Resilient Shield
Aegis Mk X Hyper-Impulse Engine (was Assimilated Impulse Engine, but with changes to Borg set, looking for something different)
Aegis Mk X Deflector Array (was MACO Mk XI Deflector, but the 2-piece set bonus is rather underwhelming right now)
Active Duty Officers: 2x Very Rare Shield Distribution Officers, 1x Rare Shield Distribution Officer, 1x Very Rare Energy Weapons Officer (BFAW recharge time reduction), 1x Rare Gravimetric Scientist (can't quite seem to get the critical success for that Renown)

Current skills:

The obvious intent of this build is PvE-only play, with heavy emphasis on STF tanking. Beam Fire at Will draws attention from as many targets as possible, along with Threat Control to hold agro as long as possible and protect other members of the team. Gravity Well is available to help with CC if necessary (it's come in handy on occasion). Can stagger EPtS I and TSS II for near constant shield healing and resistances (TSS doesn't have 100% uptime, but it's pretty close), with RSP I for emergency burst healing. Unfortunately, this build is a little low on team healing abilities, although if I'm not under heavy fire TSS can be used. Depending on the stats when Season 7 comes out, I may end up replacing my torpedos, forward with the Omega Adapted Plasma Heavy Torpedo and aft with the Kinetic Cutting Beam.

So that's it, let's hear what everyone has to say. I think my consoles in particular need some work (besides the obvious upgrade to Very Rare Mk XIIs).

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