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10-27-2012, 04:44 PM
It worked fine for me. Nevertheless I have a few comments:

1) Reset time
There is the same flaw as the old Enemy Contact maps had:
Reset timers! I find it really stupid having to wait an eternity after finishing the neccessary enemy groups...

Please lower the reset timer to 2 minutes after objective for the map is achieved.

2) The completetion percentage
Now, you get 15% for completing one map. This is too low in my opinion. In combination withe the aweful long reset timer on the maps you need 7 maps to complete it and this leads you to 7 x 15% = 105% ...Someone should re-do the calculation here...

Count the current reset time of 10min? you will need 70minutes just to complete the daily. I thought the How am I going to actually do my dailies on New Romulus, Red Alert and for example the Fleet Mark Events?

It's just too much here and the majority of the time goes for waiting for reset timers.

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