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useful links

skill points and respec resources

here is a list of important links you should refer to when seting up your build and skill tree. before you blow anymore of your respec tokens, take a look at this chart

it will tell you basically what every point in every skill will do for you. before you jump in game and respec, fiddle with this tool and build it here first

weapons energy's effect on damage

this is a link to what weapons energy can do for your damage. there is no hard cap for weapons energy at 125, 125 is mearly the damage modifier cap. when shots take 12, 10, or 8 energy, if that weapon does not drain you below 125, it will fire at the 125 damage modifier. every shot that wont drain you below 125 will. the result is your energy wont be drained as low as a whole from a lot of energy weapons, and the higher you can keep your weapons energy, the more damage you will do during fireing cycles.

weapons damage over range

this is another great spread sheet showing tactical ability damage modifiers and much damage weapons deal over range

The Hilbert Guide

this guide is tailor made for the new player, giving you all the basic information that you wouldn't necessarily even learn from playing the game for years. documentation and instruction on what to actually do and how to set yourself up is poor with regard to STO, theres such a wide variety of things you can do, and the pve in game is so easy, it basically rewards you for doing it wrong. gleam all you can from this, and go from there.

The Space Healing Compendium

this is an excellent right up on how to put together a good healing character and ship, the primary purpose of a cruiser.

The Anyship guide

these are the basic questions you should ask yourself when you put your ship together, if you can clearly answer all these questions, your build has a decent chance of working.
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